Who we are

We believe in the power of AI to improve our lives

We believe in Artificial Intelligence for good. We have been operating in stealth since late 2019, incubated by the emerging technologies leader Bitfury Group and supported by key industry players. In 2020, we began our work with imec, a world-leading research and innovation centre for nanoelectronics and digital technologies.  

Our team is led by CEO Fabrizio del Maffeo, Former Head of AI at the Bitfury Group, and advised by the brightest minds in the AI space, hailing from top firms and Fortune 500 companies. 

What We Do

Leading the democratization of AI

Axelera AI is developing a game-changing hardware and software platform for AI that will make the industry more integrated, efficient and accessible. We are powering the new data-driven world – a world where artificial intelligence helps us create a better future.

The world is more interconnected now than ever before. Yet, 98% of the data being collected remains unused due to technology and processing limitations. Bridging this data gap requires a new generation of more powerful, efficient, and accessible computation hardware. With growing privacy, security and bandwidth concerns in mind, much of this data is increasingly processed close to its origin, or “the edge.” Axelera AI is working to deliver solutions that meet this demand, empowering AI applications at the edge and datacenters.

Our Mission

AI for a safer, greener, and more trusted world

Our mission is to accelerate and democratize the adoption of artificial intelligence by delivering a highly efficient and accessible game-changing hardware solution for enterprises that provide powerful insights about our world.  

We are building a platform that will concentrate the power of an entire AI server into a single chip – all at a fraction of the power consumption and cost demanded by our competitors. Our products will empower organisations from diverse sectors like smart cities, retail and markets, to adopt artificial intelligence at scale.  






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