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Build your next Computer Vision Application
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Design your next computer vision application on the Edge with Axelera’s Metis AI Platform. You will get Industry-leading performance up to 214 TOPS and unmatched cost-efficiency. We are shipping limited evaluation kits from July ’23!

Accelerate computer vision in edge devices



Robotics & Drones

Industry 4.0



High performance and Usability, unmatched Cost-Efficiency

Looking for high-performance, low power AI inference at the edge? We’ve got you covered.

If you have a price sensitive business at the Edge, Metis AI platform can help you scale your business with an affordable enterprise-ready solution and give you a competitive advantage in the market

  • Up to 214 TOPS per AIPU, up to 1.712 TOPS per system  
  • Up to 3200 frames per second per AIPU  (ResNet-50) 
  • Quick and Easy deployment of Machine Learning models
  • 15 TOPS/W @ INT8 energy efficiency and a Typical power consumption of 10W


Read on to learn more about the Metis AI Platform and our AI product solutions.

Metis: A fully integrated AI-Native platform for the edge

AI edge native hardware for instant field installation​ M.2 module, PCIe card, Embedded & Industrial PC and Rack Server in partnership with TIER 1 ​AI & IoT computing market leaders.

Easy-to-use development tools, model zoo, and full stack​ remove the drama from building AI / ML applications. No machine learning and data-science experience is required!

AI products available in different form factors

Powered by a single Metis AIPU

Up to 120 TOPS
Up to 1.800 FPS for ResNet -50
From 149 EUR

Powered by 1 Metis AIPU

Up to 214 TOPS
Up to 3.200 FPS for ResNet-50
From 199 EUR

Powered by 4 Metis AIPU

Up to 856 TOPS
Up to 12.800 FPS for ResNet-50
Up to 38884 FPS for MobileNet V2-1.0
From 499 EUR

Powered by 11th Gen Intel® Core™ CPU & Metis M.2 Module

Up to 120 TOPS
Up to 3200 FPS with ResNet-50
Intel / AMD based AI vision
Up to 8 camera streams

Powered by Intel Atom® x6000 CPU & Metis M.2 Module

Up to 100 TOPS
Up to 3200fps with ResNET50
Intel / AMD based AI vision
Up to 4 camera streams

Powered by Intel® 12th Gen Core™ i CPU & Metis PCIe Acceleration card

Up to 856 TOPS
Up to 12.800 fps with ResNET50
Intel / AMD based AI vision
Up to 16 camera streams

Powered by 3rd gen. Intel® Xeon® D Scalable CPU & Metis PCIe Acceleration card

Up to 1.700 TOPS
Up to 25.600 fps with ResNET50
Intel / AMD based AI vision
Up to 32 camera streams

Early Access Program. Our Product. Your Opportunity.

Get our game-changing technology into your product ahead of competitors, receiving tangible benefits for your project:

– Hardware co-design and integration
– Software support and fine-tuning
– Machine Learning hands-on services
– Co-Marketing initiatives

We will work as partners to bring the next-generation computer vision products and solutions to the market. You will get dedicated support from the Axelera AI team.

Build your next-generation computer vision application with us. 

For high-performance edge AI builders, enablers, and developers, a complete evaluation kit is a must-have. Axelera AI offers limited evaluation kits exclusively to companies in our Early Access Program.


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