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Are you an innovator, willing to translate disruptive technologies into business value for your customers?  Join us in shaping the future of computer vision AI at the Edge!

Get our game-changing technology into your product ahead of competitors, receiving tangible benefits for your project:

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Focus Areas Examples

  • Just-walk-out
  • Traffic analytics
  • Loss prevention
  • Self check-out


  • Machine Vision 
  • Robotics 
  • AGV 
  • Safety behaviour 

Industry 4.0

  • Terrestrial drones 
  • Flying drones 
  • Industrial robotics 

Robotics & Drones

  • Patient diagnostics  
  • Remote care systems 
  • Ultrasound/CT scan 


  • Intrusion detection 
  • Face recognition 
  • License plate recognition 
  • PPE detection 


  • Agriculture 
  • Logistic/AGV 
  • Transportation 
  • We are open to your ideas! 




Industry 4.0


We are open to your ideas!

Metis: A fully integrated AI-native platform for the edge

AI edge native hardware for instant field installation​ M.2 module, PCIe card, Embedded & Industrial PC and Rack Server in partnership with TIER 1 ​AI & IoT computing market leaders.

Easy-to-use development tools, model zoo, and full stack​ remove the drama from building AI / ML applications. No machine learning and data-science experience is required!

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Design your next computer vision application on the Edge with Axelera’s Metis AI Platform. You will get Industry-leading performance up to 214 TOPS and unmatched cost-efficiency.

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Not sure? Scroll down to read our FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

The Early Access Program is open to OEMs, System Integrators, and Independent Software Vendors. For more information about the Axelera AI ecosystem, please click here.

The easy-to-use Metis AI platform provides superior AI performance at a fraction of cost and power consumption compared to the market state-of-the art in Edge AI. If you have a price sensitive business at the Edge, Metis AI platform can help you scale your business with an affordable enterprise-ready solution and give you a competitive advantage in the market. You will get our game changing technology ahead of your competitors and a dedicated support from the Axelera AI team.

We will work as partners to bring the next-generation computer vision products and solutions to the market. Joint initiatives and Marketing Development Funds are available for sharing NRE cost and sponsor co-marketing initiatives. Detailed benefits are but not limited to:

  • HW integration and co-design: mechanical and thermal analysis, host CPU benchmark and selection, RFQ for vendor selection, project management.
  • Software support and fine-tuning: BSP testing, SDK optimization, testing with internal AIPU samples, early access to the Axelera AI marketplace
  • Machine Learning hands-on services: Neural Networks accuracy and model optimization, model performance simulation, quantization tool, custom operators
  • Co-marketing: solution whitepaper, digital campaign, press release, marketplace integration

The EAP has a very limited number of seats, to guarantee the best customer experience to our early adopters. EAP candidates will be selected by Axelera AI for the admission in the program.

No. We are not going to charge for our services and willing to share the project development cost upon a solid business case.

Easy-peasy. Fill in the following form and we will get back to you within few days to discuss your project.

We will get back to you promptly to setup a call for discussing the technical and commercial details of your project. The admission in the program will be communicated within 4 weeks from the initial call.

Yes! The Early Access Program is built for that purpose. We help you smoothly and quickly adopt our technology, being the market extension of our R&D team and getting all necessary support to hassle-free bring your product to market swiftly. We want you to be our very first happy customers and advocates of the Metis AI platform.