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Simplifying AI at the Edge.
Accelerating Computer Vision.

Best-in-class performance
up to 214 TOPs

Easy to use software stack - best accuracy without retraining.

Delivers 15 TOPs/W energy efficiency

Complete development
kits from EUR/USD 149,-

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Performance & Usability.
At an Edge Price Point.

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Complete Edge AI solutions.
Available to order from early 2023.

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Accelerating Computer Vision at the Edge.

Together with our partners, Axelera AI is on a journey to lead the democratization of Artificial Intelligence. By offering faster, easy-to-use AI acceleration while minimizing power and cost, we simplify AI at the Edge. Our Metis AI Platform – a holistic hardware and software solution for AI inference at the Edge – empowers computer vision applications to become more accessible and powerful than ever before. At its core is our new Metis AI processor, which establishes new price/performance and performance/Watt standards. 

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Featured in the press.

Early Access Program.

Become an early adopter of the Metis AI platform. Get our game-changing technology into your product ahead of competitors and receive tangible benefits for your project

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