Accelerate your Innovation with the
Metis Evaluation Kit

Start building your next-generation computer vision applications with our Metis AI Evaluation Kits. The evaluation kits are available in four variations, each designed for industry-defining AI vision inference. The kits are equipped with the Metis AIPU integrated in an AI Acceleration card, and the Voyager Software Development Kit, allowing users to evaluation performance and vision systems using popular AI inference networks such as YOLOv7.

Order your Metis Evaluation Kit now and accelerate your innovation.

Ready-to-Use Metis PCIe Evaluation Kits
for x86 and ARM platforms

The Axelera PCIe Evaluation Kit features the Metis AI Processing Unit and the Voyager SDK for effortless AI deployment.

Dell 3460XE workstation,
Intel i7 PC

Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultra,
Intel i5 PC

Advantech MIC-770v3 or ARC-3534, Intel i5 Industrial PC

FireFly RK3588, embedded 8-core ARM

Evaluate industry defining AI inference technology today.

Be among the first to accelerate your innovation and experience the Axelera Metis AI platform. Order your Metis evaluation kit and be a part of shaping the future of Edge AI.

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Secure your Axelera Metis AI Evaluation Kit today.

The kits come preloaded state-of-the-art detection and classification neural networks, delivering top performance at a fraction of the cost and power consumption of traditional GPU-based solutions. The Axelera AI Metis evaluation kits feature the AI Processing Unit (AIPU) with Quad AI cores leveraging Axelera's Digital-In-Memory-Computing (D-IMC) technology, and 1GB LPDDR4x memory. It connects via PCIe 3.0 (x4) in a full height, half-length single slot configuration.

The Voyager SDK enhances the kit, providing an end-to-end AI development environment compatible with major ML frameworks like PyTorch, ONNX, and TensorFlow (via ONNX), and supports a wide range of neural networks including YOLOv5 variants, YOLOv7, Resnet 50, MobileNetV2, and SSD-MobileNetV2.

This integration facilitates seamless application logic and model development, streamlined by Axelera's Inference API and equipped with a suite of YAML reference pipelines for popular models, ensuring a comprehensive, user-friendly evaluation experience.

Dell Precision 3460XE - €1,699

Start building your high capacity AI edge servers for multi-channel NVR and VMS with the Dell Precision evaluation kit.

CPU: Intel Core i7-13700K, 13th generation
RAM: 64GB RAM DDR5 4800MHz
Storage: M.2 512GB
Dimensions: 290 x 93 x 293 mm
Ubuntu 22.04 / Voyager SDK v0.8.5

Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultra - €1,299

Looking for mainstream edge AI servers that can easily handle multi-channel NVR, AI appliances and smart retail?

CPU: Intel Core i5-12500
RAM: 32GB RAM DDR5 4800MHz
Storage: M.2 1TB
Dimensions: 202 x 86 x 223mm
Ubuntu 22.04 / Voyager SDK v0.8.5

Advantech MIC-770v3 - €1,899

For industrial environments; start with this entry-level industrial PC from advantech.

CPU: Intel Core i5-12500TE
RAM: 16GB DDR5 4800MHz
Storage: 512GB SSD
Dimensions: 127 x 192 x 230 mm
Ubuntu 22.04 / Voyager SDK v0.8.5

Advantech ARK-3534B - €1,899

For industrial environments; get your industrial grade evaluation kit from Advantech.

CPU: INTEL Core i5-12500E
RAM: 16GB DDR5 4800MHz
Storage: 512GB SSD
Dimensions: 156 x 204 x 230 mm
Ubuntu 22.04 / Voyager SDK v0.8.5

FireFly RK3588 - €899

Work in an embedded ARM-based low-power AI system with the FireFly Rockchip carrier board 8-core ARM evaluation kit.

CPU: Rockchip RK3588
Storage: 64GB eMMC
Dimensions: 170 x 170 mm
Ubuntu 20.04 / Voyager SDK v0.8.5
Note: Voyager SDK runs in a Docker container