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Bringing edge AI solutions to life

In the short time Axelera AI has been working to simplify AI at the Edge; we have come a very long way. But having the right technology for the development of fast and efficient AI powered applications and use-cases is just the first step. To realize the massive potential of this multi-billion-dollar opportunity requires skills from across the industry. Whether it is helping create the necessary building blocks or integrated dedicated use-case solutions, 

It is in our ecosystem where ready-to-deploy AI solutions come to life.


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)  & System Integrators (SIs)

OEMs and SIs are shaping human progress since forever, and now facing the challenge of driving the next industrial revolution: Digital Transformation driven by AI. BUILDERS are a crucial component to our Ecosystem to ensure the technology meets the market needs and to drive its adoption in the industries.

If you are an OEM or SI, join us if you want to:


Industrial PC (IPC) & Information Technology (IT) vendors

Developing AI solutions at the Edge is complex, with numerous constraints coming into play when you deploy real-world applications. Most customers will need purpose-built solutions for environmental and technical specifications that meet specific certification, lifecycle, and reliability requirements. Working with ENABLERS, we can build innovative products that integrate best-in-class AI technology for computer vision applications.

If you are an IPC or IT Vendor join us if you want to:

Developers (ISVs)

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Regardless of whether you are a well-established ISV leader or a Micro-ISV, we understand the passion you instill every day to build software that reliably delivers the business outcomes demanded. Combining DEVELOPERS’ vertical expertise with our cost-effective Metis AI platform will open the door to massive AI at the Edge opportunities.

If you are an ISV, join us if you want to:


Complementary Technologies

Complete AI at the Edge solutions require so many complementary technologies – from basic building blocks such as processing units and camera ICs all the way through to security and cloud computing. They all need to come together to form deployable end-to-end optimized solutions solving a range of business challenges. By building concrete relationships with CO-CREATORS, together we can make the impossible, possible.

If you have complementary technology, join us if you want to: