Sander Verbrugge

Non-Executive Director

Partner – Innovation​ Industries

Sander Verbrugge is a Partner at Innovation Industries, an independent venture capital firm that combines company-building and venture investment. Sander also sits on the Board of Directors at Axelera AI, the Netherlands-based startup building game-changing, scalable hardware for AI at the edge.

Sander works to bridge the gap between disruptive technologies and profitable businesses. He has more than six years of strategy consulting experience at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, where he has acquired a deep understanding of technology and successful business practices. He previously held positions at NXP Semiconductors working on global technology scouting efforts led by the CTO. He was also part of the central PMI team for a successful M&A with Freescale, as well as Co-Lead for PMI of the Sales and Marketing Organisations for an intended Qualcomm M&A with Qualcomm. He additionally managed a global business development team focused on IoT Security.

In early 2019, Sander started his position at Innovation Industries where he focuses on the High-Tech part of the portfolio. He is heavily involved in the early-stage efforts of the fund and holds a supervisory board seat in multiple portfolio companies, the latest addition being Axelera AI. Sander received his PhD in Molecular Biophysics from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and an MsC from TU Delft