Get Next-Gen Computer Vision With Our Powerful Edge AI Solutions.

M.2 AI Edge Accelerator Module

Powered by a single Metis AIPU

PCIe AI Edge Accelerator Card

Powered by 1 Metis AIPU
Powered by 4 Metis AIPU

Titan 300 AI Vision Gateway

Powered by 11th Gen Intel® Core™ CPU & Metis M.2 Module

AI Vision Gateway

Powered by Intel Atom® x6000 CPU & Metis M.2 Module

AI Embedded Server

Powered by Intel® 12th Gen Core™ i CPU & Metis PCIe Acceleration card

AI Vision Appliance

3rd gen. Intel® Xeon® D Scalable CPU & Metis PCIe Acceleration card

Get Industry-Leading Performance and Usability. Don't Compromise on Power and Price Anymore.

Democratizing Artificial Intelligence
Making it Accessible to Everyone

Leading AI democratization, we offer fast and user-friendly AI acceleration, optimizing power and cost for simplicity at the Edge.

Our Metis AI Platform revolutionizes AI inference at the Edge, making computer vision applications more accessible and powerful. Central to this is our Metis AI Processing Unit (AIPU), setting new standards in price/performance and performance/Watt.

The Voyager SDK transforms the development of AI applications on the Metis AI platform, streamlining the building, optimization, and deployment of models for peak performance and efficiency at the Edge.

We are on a journey to lead the democratization of Artificial Intelligence. By offering faster, easy-to-use AI acceleration while minimizing power and cost, we simplify AI at the Edge.

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