AI at CES 2024: Witness Industry-Leading
YOLOv5s performance

Cost-effectiveness comparison YOLOv5 object detection between Axelera AI Metis and others

Axelera AI is set to showcase our industry-leading capabilities in AI inference processing using YOLOv5 (You Only Look Once) Neural Networks. This demonstration, focusing on edge AI computer vision applications, will be featured on our Metis AI platform.

We will demonstrate a multi-channel video analytics pipeline with high-accuracy YOLOv5 object detection, running industry-leading frames per second on a single Metis AI PCIe accelerator card that works in a standard PC.

Axelera AI matches 99% of the original model’s precision, indistinguishable from GPU-based inference models, while offering 4-5 times the energy efficiency and cost savings, making it an ideal solution for edge deployment.

Energy efficiency performance comparison YOLOv5 object detection between Axelera AI Metis and others

Axelera Metis AI platform demonstrates a transformative industry impact

Early Access Program Customers are sharing their cutting-edge products powered by the Metis AI platform, highlighting the advantages they bring to their respective industries.

In the area of security and surveillance, Axelera's Metis AI enables users to increase the number of AI inference streams at an economical cost. It delivers high-definition real-time object detection and tracking with YOLOv5 for video management systems (VMS) without breaking budgets. High accuracy translates into tangible economic value for tolling solutions including vehicle classification and Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR).

In Industry 4.0, Metis AI boasts industry-leading throughput, facilitating more precise and rapid processing in manufacturing, smart robotics, and industrial process innovation.

In the retail sector, the Metis AI platform provides an affordable solution addressing key challenges in loss prevention, in-store content creation, and the creation of frictionless customer experiences. Overcoming economy of scale barriers is pivotal for the widespread adoption of edge AI across a multitude of retail outlets, enabling seamless integration and deployment in many stores.

Axelera AI Metis is CES  2024 innovation award honoree

Axelera Metis AI Platform | CES 2024 Innovation Award Product

Step into the future of edge AI at CES 2024! Get an exclusive look at our Metis AI Platform, honoured with the CES 2024 Innovation Product award.
Connect with our senior management team, who will be present at the event, and enjoy a personalized experience.

Fill out the form below to schedule a one-on-one session at CES 2024 for a live demonstration of our groundbreaking platform for YOLOv5.

  • January 9 -12, 2024
  • The Venetian Las Vegas
    Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Booth: #62100 | Suite: 29-215

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The Axelera AI Metis Platform accelerates prototyping and deploying (vision) AI acceleration by providing a comprehensive hardware and software solution with unmatched usability and cost-efficiency.

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